The Vixen herd is named after Vixen Tor, that is owned by the Alford family.

For six human generations the ponies have been bred, running

on the Commons of Dunnabridge and Whitchurch, also the Forest of Dartmoor.

The ponies are smaller, being pedigree Shetland and Shetland cross, than the Hill Ponies bred farther south, as they have to cope with the harsher conditions of the nothern moors, but Mrs. Alford has carefully used either home bred or registered stallions to sustain a herd of enchantingly pretty small ponies, suitable for younger children to compete/show/hunt and generally enjoy.

The Stallions used previously include the Registered Spotted Stallion: DANCE THE MASQUERADE, and Registered Shetland: MINSTREL OF MERLIN.

At present the stallions being used are the Pedigree Shetland STAPLOW FINLEY, a charming dun and white, and a striking piebald (black and white) CHOLWELL bred stallion.

The approximate size of these easily handled ponies at maturity is 31inch to 12.2 hands and a contact number for the ponies is: 07850 782443.