Championship Results



The IN-HAND CHAMPIONSHIP was a new course run AGAINST THE CLOCK. The OPEN RIDDEN CHAMPIONSHIP was a new course designed to test the obedience and schooling of the pony. The CHAMPIONSHIP RIDERS EIGHT AND UNDER was a new course for ponies on leading rein. 

The weather at Kingsbridge was the worst possible, with driving rain and a high wind. This made the BEST TURNED OUT CLASS a matter of luck, and trying to remember what the ponies looked like before they were soaked, and the riders/handlers before they shrouded themselves in waterproofs. The score sheets ended a sodden mess, which were deciphered once we got home but, the way the ponies and people battled through showed just how tough these ponies are (as well as their owners). By the time we had finished the rest of the show had been abandoned as it became too dangerous to ride and the Dartmoor Hill Ponies were the last to leave the field (of battle)! 

FIRST and CHAMPION and the CURIOSITY CUP: Summerhills Mouse led by Christine Phillips.

RESERVE CHAMPION: Monkie led by Jess Howells

RIDDEN OPEN: CHAMPION: Leightor Charlie, ridden by Molly Leigh, owned by Caroline Owen and bred by Mr. Simon Partridge of Poundsgate. 

RESERVE CHAMPION: True Love Dreamy, owned and ridden by Louise Cummings and bred by David Skelley, Shaugh Prior. 

RIDDEN UNDER EIGHT YEARS OLD: FIRST AND CHAMPION: Michelcombe Rosie, owned and ridden by Lizzie Warren-Blackwell and bred by Michal French, Holne.

RESERVE CHAMPION: Summerhills Mouse, owned and ridden by Merryn Phillips.

Leightor Charlie rain Summerhill Mouse

Left: Leightor Charlie

Right: Summerhills Mouse









Ullacombe Farm, 2017


INHAND OPEN: Louise Cummings with True Love Dreamy. 

RIDDEN OPEN: Dawn Allanson with Poppy Socks

RIDDEN 8 YEARS AND UNDER: Andrew Riggs grandson with Zellion Berry a.k.a. Straw Monster 

BEST TURNED OUT: Purdey Caygill with Runnage Tina

It was a smaller championship than in previous years, as several ponies had clashing classes (Pony Club Tetrathalon mostly) or were lame. One finalist even thought it was still at Kingsbridge Show!!




Overall Champion and Ridden Champion – Poppy Socks

Second and In Hand Champion – Corndon Inca

Third and Reserve Ridden Champion – Truelove Dreamy 

Junior Ridden – Corndon Inca