The SHAPLEY herd runs on the commons of Chagford, that extends behind the famous Warren House Inn.

The herd was started three generations ago by the Mortimer family, in the 1800s, and the majority of the ponies were grey.

Now they are many different colours, including skewbald and piebald. The mares are big boned types, their coloured colt foals are often bought as stallions for other herds.

For example, pictured below, is the striking stallion IVAN.

He is now owned by the LIZWELL herd, and is SHAPLEY bred.

This stallion’s dam (mother) is still on the commons, showing the toughness and longevity of these ponies.

The stallion used for the SHAPLEY herd at the moment is the home bred spotted stallion, and the herd can be recognised by the heart shaped brand on the ponies’ flanks.