SHALLOWFORD:       Tel: 07980645704

The SHALLOWFORD herd runs on the commons of Spitchwick, and Riddon Ridge which is part of the Forest of Dartmoor.

The big strong impressive ponies from this herd have been successful in Pony Club, and Shows, but their true forte is hunting and cross country.

All colours are found in the herd, but mostly bays, browns, and chestnuts predominant.

The ponies can reach 13.2 hands if put on good ground, being ideal for the older children, and light adults, making the SHALLOWFORD ponies when broken in, much sought after.

The chestnut pony below is SHALLOWFORD GREEN GINGER, a 13 hand four year old gelding at his first show.

The bay pony is SHALLOWFORD BRIGHT SPARK, at Chudleigh Show, with his small owner, qualifying for the DHP Championship at Devon County Show 2013.