The RUNNAGE herd was started in 1843, breeding mainly plain coloured ponies, but now all colours are in the herd including spots.

The mares are strong traditional Dartmoor types, and the foals make up to 13 hands when on good keep.

Dun colours are highly prized in this herd, and all dun fillies are kept back as replacements.

The stallion is THE COLOURED BOY, a great moving piebald pony, bought from the SHERRIL herd, whose sire is WHIZZY.

The herd runs on Merripit Hill, behind the famous Warren House Inn, and as far as Fernworthy Forest.

The stallion SUMMERHILLS SURPRISE, a skewbald pony running on Spitchwick commons is COLOURED BOY’s son, and is a fully graded stallion with the British Skewbald and Piebald Society.