Monday, 6th April 2020 


Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic all shows have been cancelled this season. There is the hope that we may be able to move the shows back to later in the year with the season starting in August instead on May but this has yet to be set in stone and very much depends on what happens next. We will be keeping everyone up to date both on the website and our Facebook page.


Thursday, 6th February 2020 

The DHP Performance qualifying class dates have been updated on the “Qualifying Shows 2020” page. There are also links to the new tests for 2020. Please feel free to print these. 2020 Ridden 2020 Inhand


We look forward to seeing you at one of the shows!



Sunday, 28th April 2019

The Dartmoor Hill Pony Performance Classes qualifying shows have been updated on the “Qualifying Shows 2019” page. We have also updated the test papers for this season. These can be found on that page but can also be downloaded from: 2019 Ridden and 2019 Inhand.

Saturday, 26th January 2019

Dartmoor Hill Pony Performance Classes 2019:

There is a change to the format this year, hopefully to encourage more Dartmoor Hill Ponies to compete in the shows and the performance classes.

First of all the Championships will now not be held as Ridden/In Hand classes with the ponies present, but as accumulated points to be won at the accredited shows. These points will be added up and awarded at the End of Season Party.


  • The top DHP Ridden will win 5 points and £5.00
  • The Second DHP Ridden will win 3 points and £3.00
  • The top DHP In-Hand will win 5 points and £5.00
  • The second DHP In-Hand will win 3 points and £3.00

In addition the winning ponies will each receive a special DHP rosette.

All Dartmoor Hill Ponies applying for a special rosette and entering the Championships must hold a card proving they are bona fide Dartmoor Hill Ponies.

Cards can be obtained from Mrs. A. Came, 7 Summerhills Crescent, Liverton TQ12 6HG or by email at The cards costs 6 first class stamps and lasts for the ponies lifetime.

Tuesday, 24th July 2018

We held an exhibition of Dartmoor Hill Ponies. We had lots of lovely pictures, interesting stories from their owners and knowledgeable information about the different herds and the history of the Dartmoor Hill Pony. The exhibition was held at Ullacombe Farm, Haytor Road, Bovey Tracey. The event saw a gentle trickle of visitors throughout the day who enjoyed seeing and reading about the different ponies and what these versatile ponies are capable of.

We will be holding another Exhibition at Ullacombe Farm, Haytor Road, Bovey Tracey on Sunday, 7th October 2018 just before the drifts the following week. We hope to see a few more visitors to come and learn about these fantastic ponies.

If you have any photos or stories that you would to share at the exhibition then please feel free to either bring them along on the day or send them to the email address below with a brief description and we will put them up on the wall.

If you would like some more information about the ponies you can either:

find us on Facebook at:

Email us at:


Sunday, 16th September 2018

The Championship that was going to be held today will now be held next year. The date and venue will be updated when the details have been firmed up however it is likely to be held on the last bank holiday weekend of May. We will update the website and Facebook page with details as and when we have them.

As ever you can contact us either on Facebook or email as above.