Championship Information

The Championship for the Dartmoor Hill Ponies, open to all who qualify at the shows through the season will now be held in 2019 – the date and location will be updated when the details have been firmed up. It is likely to held on the last bank holiday weekend in May. Keep an eye on the “News” section for more updates.

The championship will consist of a “Best Turned Out” class and five gymkana classes which are split into three age groups. Marks will be awarded for the winners and places in each group together with rosettes and at the end of the competition the pony with the most marks will be the champion of that group.

The marks awarded in the “Best Turned Out” class will then be added to the marks of the three champions in the age groups and the pony with the highest mark will be declared the Supreme Champion.


Below we have some information regarding the championships and rules:


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Dartmoor Hill Pony Championships Rules and In-Hand Kingsbridge Show 2016-p1amiugvkkh061nv8tqq16bg1tc5

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