Founded forty years ago, this herd breeds fully registered Dartmoor ponies, as well as Dartmoor Hill Ponies, so enjoys the best of both worlds.

The herd was started with two Dartmoor Hill Pony mares, and bred up from one, using the Newtake Scheme, run by the Dartmoor Pony Society. This scheme inspects mares, and allows those judged to be nearest to the traditional Dartmoor pony as regards colour and conformation, to enter in the DPS studbook, as a Supplementary Registered mare. From this original mare the fully registered Barramoor mares have been bred.

The stallion used in 2010/11 was PANTMAWR JOCK SCOT, a beautifully bred chesnut Dartmoor stallion who is now with the DUNSTONE herd running above Widecombe in the Moor.

Now the stallion used is SUMMERHILLS SWIFT, seen below with the BARRAMOOR mares.